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Jeanne Paquette - Stem Cells Theraphy

Jeanne Paquette

Testimonial Jeanne Paquette Alzheimer’s disease February, 2022 Before going to CR I was always struggling to find common words during a conversation which had never

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Beth Warner

Testimonial Beth Warner Trigeminal neuralgia December, 2021 I’m a retired psychologist from Massachusetts, USA, with trigeminal neuralgia. I’m 70 years old with no other known

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David Alfaro

Testimonial David Alfaro Degenerative liver condition December, 2017 I have been thinking the best way to convey my message about my journey to you. The

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David Brooker

Testimonial David Brooker Pain Management October, 2017 Dear Dr. Leslie Mesen, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your Team for

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Alain Lessard

Testimonial Alain Lessard Cervical stenosis July, 2017 Today, I feel very satisfied and motivated because for a long time I had to deal with severe

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Anthony Cicalese

Testimonial Anthony Cicalese Leg bone injury July, 2017 Last year I suffered a gunshot wound from a hollow point 9mm bullet that shattered my left

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Jose Correa

Testimonial Jose Correa Car Accident February, 2018 The testimony of Jose our patient! He shares with us all the improvements he obtained thanks to the

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Donald Siclari

Testimonial Donald Siclari Osteoarthritis August, 2018 As an expedition medic in my 30s, I rely on my ability to walk on uneven terrain in remote

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Douglas Behrman

Testimonial Douglas Behrman Shoulder Pain November, 2017 Dr. Mesen: Thanks so much for your patience and concern in working with me to improve my shoulder

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Wharton’s Jelly Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Denise Lafrance

Testimonial Denise Lafrance Alzheimer’s disease September, 2018 Dear Stem Cell Transplant Team: I would like to take this time to thank everyone who was involved

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Carol Paradise

Testimonial Carol Paradise TMJ April, 2019 I would like to share my story undergoing Stem Cell treatment. First I should explain my medical Conditions. Last

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Stem cells Case Studies

Gina Briguglio

Testimonial Gina Briguglio Arthritis April, 2019 Dear Dr. Mesen, Hope you are doing well. Your traveling looks exciting on FB and I am happy to

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