Stem Cells Therapy

At this time we are not attending to patients in Vancouver, but we can help you organize your trip to Costa Rica, Bahamas, Panama, Mexico – Contact us directly.

A stem cell therapy is any treatment that uses stem cells as the primary way of curing or reducing the severity of a disease or disorder. Stem cells can be used as a transplant, where the desired stem cells are harvested and injected or grafted into the patient; or as a target for a drug or other biologic, where the drug or biologic is intended to activate a desired response from the stem cells that already exist in.

Many countries around the world are already using Stem Cells treatments, but only a few like Costa Rica, have legally approved therapies.

At Stem Cells Transplant Institute in Costa Rica, we offer our patients from Vancouver the possibility harvest stem cells from their own bone marrow or adipose tissue using top and approved technologies and the best human resources to treat diseases like osteoarthritis, Diabetes, COPD, Alzheimer and many other inflammatory and degenerative diseases. Get more information about legally approved stem cell therapies now.

The Stem Cells Transplant Institute in Costa Rica

The World Health Organization has ranked Costa Rica as one of the top three healthcare systems in Latin America, and the nation consistently ranks higher in healthcare than many of its industrialized counterparts including Canada and the United States. Similarly, life expectancy is among the world’s highest (78.7 years, one year higher than the US). That´s just one more reason to come to Costa Rica!

The Stem Cells Transplant Institute of Costa Rica specializes in the legal treatment of Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Knee Injury, Myocardial infarction, Neuropathy, Critical limb isquemia, Alzheimer, Chronic Obstructive pulmonary disease, Erectile Dysfunction, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson. Contact us.

Stem Cells Transplant Institute has the people, the resources and the infrastructure that today’s leaders in life sciences need to efficiently test promising innovations. We are ready to host our patients from Shaughnessy Heights, Kerrisdale, Kerrisdale Park, West Bay & Sandy Cove and Shaughnessy Centre for their stem cell treatment! Apply now.

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