Martin Van Duyvenbode

Joint Pain

September, 2018

“I, Martin van Duyvenbode , am 72 years old and I live in Florida USA this year of 2018. The pain in my joints, back, knees, hips, shoulders etc. was excruciating, anyone with this kind of pain knows what I am talking about.

If the wife says “lets go for a walk” , I made sure that I had my cane , because I may be able to walk 200 yards without a cane, but when that pain hits you, you better have a cane or a car to bring you back home.

I saw a Netflix series of a veterinary surgeon in England where he repaired a dog’s leg that was crushed, he measured and “3D printed” a leg (or rather a 8 inch piece of plastic) which he bolted to the existing bones.

Then he did a “Bone graph” , which in my layman’s opinion is the same as Stem-cells.

They actually used the term “Stem-cells” in the documentary. (Stem Cells was not yet approved in USA as far as I knew) 6 weeks later that dog was walking and 6 months later playing with a Frisbee, Amazing !

Due to my AFIB heart problem I am not a good candidate for surgeries as I need to stop taking my blood thinners, so an operation can be conducted.

Well that is not a good choice as I can have another stroke if I do not take my blood thinners.

So I started investigating Stem Cells . This is not an easy task if you know nothing, zero, about it.

After about 9 months I finally decided to try Stem Cells, against everyone’s advice, doctors and my wife included.

In October of 2017, I was walking with a cane.

I had stem cells done in January 2018 By Dr Leslie Mesen in Costa Rica (why Costa Rica? , because in the USA it Cost a Lot More)

In May 2018 (3 Months after Stem Cells ) a fishing buddy of mine invited me to go fishing in Costa Rica.

When my buddy  picked me up at the Airport in San Jose, Costa Rica, he commented on me moving much better.

I was amazed that I did not realize that I was moving without a cane.
The healing was so gradual that I ( and everyone around me) did not even notice I was no longer walking with a cane !

The wife and I went to Amsterdam in June 2018 to visit a cousin of mine and stayed on the 3 rd floor , no elevator. I carried the suitcases and groceries etc up and down the stairs without a cane and only one rest stop halfway up, down was no problem and I did not need to rest.

All the hype that Stem Cells do not work by the non-believers is just that, “hype”
Me walking withOUT a cane is proof it works .  I still have difficulty changing a tire , so I call my kids, lol.

Try it and smile again .

Martin (Opa) and Jeanette (Oma)

PS: I was told I am wasting my money, well I said I am not wasting my money as I am on the SKI project (Spend Kids Inheritance) thus I am spending my kid’s money. It works.