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Fat Derived Stem Cells vs Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cells

Did you know your own body fat and bone marrow contains a large amount of stem cells? Bone Marrow and Adipose tissue contains adult stem cells, these cells are thought to be “mother cells” found among differentiated tissue or organ. The adult stem cell can renew itself and can differentiate to almost all of the major specialized cell types. The primary roles of adult stem cells are to maintain and repair the tissue in which they are found.

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Stem Cells: Interesting facts Lets take a look to some of the latest discoveries in Stem Cells

Stem cells can give rise to almost any tissue found in the body, as a result stem cells, can provide nearly limitless potential for medical applications. This medical field is know as Regenerative Medicine and is the point of interest of the most relevant universities and medical centers in the world. After many years, in the United States stem cells therapies are in Clinical Trial Phase, the last step to FDA approved therapies, however there are not available today at this country. Stem Cells Transplant Institute in Costa Rica has legally approved therapies available with the highest standard of health care quality. At the institute we care for our patients to be informed with the latest advances in this topic. Stem cells are a Nobel discovery for human healthcare. Let´s take a look to some of the seven most recent and interesting news in Stem Cells:

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Stem Cells Therapies A life changing Treatment: True stories

Although there will be some common understanding of what is meant by ‘quality of life’, people may use the term differently in their private and professional lives. The concept of quality of life has considerable variation in its meaning for people of different age groups and cultural backgrounds as well as gender differences. Some experts define the expression of ‘quality of life’ as the degree of satisfaction or dissatisfaction felt by people with various aspects of their lives. The concept might be wide and not easy to put in a few words, but the truth is that the quality of life is important to everyone and is concern with the living standard of all the members of the family. Today, some medical treatments are designed to cure or control the disease. But there is a spectrum of diseases such as some types of cancer, immune, degenerative and inflammatory diseases like

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Medical Tourism in Costa Rica: Why should I go to Costa Rica? One of the most significant developments in medical science is the discovery of Stem Cells. Stem Cells therapies have been studied for years for their impressive curative potential, today there are many leaders in regenerative medicine doing research to improve and legalize these therapies all over the world. The United States is still in clinical trial phase, so the use of stem cells is not legal and the clinics that are doing these procedures with no legal permission are offering them at a very high cost. So, why the medical tourism exists and why Costa Rica? The medical tourism in the stem cells industry developed due to the large demand and the rapidly raising health care costs. Another reason for travel for medical treatment is that some treatments may not be legal in the home country; this is

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Stem Cell Transplants – Do Results Outweigh Risks? Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons: Stem Cell Therapy The fact that stem cell research could unlock the potential cure for a great number of diseases is reason enough for scientists to dedicate a great deal of time and money towards utilizing the research to develop therapies based on the use of stem cells. The stem cells have the ability to self-renew and also give rise to further generation of cells that can multiply. Stem cell therapy is a type of cell therapy wherein cells are introduced into the damaged tissue so as to treat the injury or the disorder. There are a number of stem cell therapies that do exist and that are being applied in many countries with great results, experimental stages in the United States are having very promising outcomes. Research on stem cells has been a topic of discussions in the past few years. The stem cell therapy carries

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Stem Cell Treatments – Science or Science Fiction?

Fact or Fiction: Living Healthier With Stem Cells? Many ideas that some years ago were just part of the Sci-Fi Films, are part of the real world today. We never saw the smartphone coming, but maybe science fiction did. All started In 1999, when the Japanese firm NNT DoCoMo released the first smartphones to achieve mass adoption within a country. Smartphones became widespread in the late 2000s. Most of those produced from 2012 onward have high-speed mobile broadband 4G LTE, motion sensors and mobile payment features. In the third quarter of 2012, one billion smartphones were in use worldwide! We can print organs, prosthetics and food using a machine that sits on our desk once only seen in sci-fi movies, so…What´s coming next? Are Stem Cells treatments a reality?

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Is FDA Caution in Approving Stem Cell Treatments Justified?

Stem Cells Therapies: Are they actually safe? Why is FDA approval being withheld? As is the case with any investigational or approved treatment, consumers have the right to speak with their doctor to learn about the potential risks and benefits from being treated with a stem cell-based product. At Stem Cells Transplant Institute in Costa Rica we work with transparency and loyalty with our patients. We want our users to feel safe and well informed about the treatment they are acquiring. Do to the fact that many treatments are not approved yet in the United States, you may have some questions like: Why does the FDA have not approved these therapies yet? Is it something wrong? What is the real panorama?

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Lets talk about Ethics: Am I using embryos when getting Stem Cells Treatments?

Stem cells Transplant Institute in Costa Rica, under de direction of Dr. Mesén is a pioneer in the use of Stem Cells therapies; we want our patients to be confident about the quality of our therapies and the transparency of our procedures. We want to help you answering some question you might have in mind about this new field, that´s why we want to go over this question: Am I using embryos when getting Stem Cells Treatments? What is all this controversy? Stem cell therapies are not exactly a new medical trend; doctors have been using bone marrow stem cell transplants for decades. The controversy and excitement started when scientists learned how to remove stem cells from human embryos in 1998. The huge potential these cells have in curing human disease provoked high expectations, but the moral implications of destroying human embryos was definitely a concern. There were many questions

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Consumer Beware – PRP Injections are not Stem Cell Treatments

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) definitely is not the same as Stem Cells procedures. There are many advertising and marketing strategies that are intended to persuade patients to get PRR as if they were the same as Stem Cells or very similar therapies, but it is not the reality. At Stem Cells transplant Institute in Costa Rica we offer high quality Stem Cells treatments and as a responsible consultant we want to help our patients to be well informed about the difference between these procedures and the real benefits obtained. Now you know who to speak to if you have questions or concerns about these treatments. Contact us What is Platelet Rich Plasma and what is Stem Cells Therapy? What are the differences and which is better?

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