Stem Cell Treatment: Costa Rica vs Panama

Various inquiries to us have asked about the stem cell clinic that was in Costa Rica, the name of the clinic, that has moved to Panama and is now known as the Stem Cell Institute of Panama. People were curious as to what were the circumstances surrounding Stem Cell Institute Panama move, and how do our treatments differ in terms of procedures, price, and efficacy?

Why did Stem Cell Institute Panama move? Is the health care system better in Panama? What Happened?

First of all, it is important to mention that by the time Stem Cell Institute of Panama moved from Costa Rica to Panama, stem cells treatment laws were being modified in the country and they were not legally approved by Costa Rican Government at that moment, a situation that has changed today.

In 2010, Ileana Herrera -the head of the health ministry’s research council in Costa Rica- said Stem Cell Institute of Panama, which opened in 2006, would be allowed to store adult stem cells extracted from patients’ own fat tissue, bone marrow and donated umbilical cords, but not perform treatments since efficiency and safety were uncertain.

Nowadays stem cell treatments in Costa Rica are legally approved and promoted by relevant Institutes like Stem Cells Transplant Institute in Escazú. Regulations were modified recently in favor of the use of stem cells. Stem Cell Institute Panama complaints were originated around the situation of the country at that specific time. Research into the type of comments and complaints in searches related to the Panamanian company would reveal inquiries such as:
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Many articles have been written by various sources pro and con to the above topics, but those comments, and / or complaints would be made about any clinic anywhere because of the controversy surrounding these new stem cell treatments.

Stem Cell Transplants in Panama, as well as the healthcare system, faces many challenges today that somehow interfere with its full development.

In Spite of the advancement in Stem Cells Transplants in Panama and Panama´s health care improvement in the past years, the shortage of a satisfactory pool of professionals is not an issue limited to the health sector, but rather a tendency that affects multiple fields of the economy in Panama. Also, although the country has made important advances to reach universal coverage – according to the Pan American Health Organization, public and private sector covered around 90% of the population in 2014 – access to health services remains unequal. There is a marked discrepancy between health outcomes in urban and rural settings.

In the other hand, the Costa Rican healthcare system is rated very highly on an international level, and the country’s citizens enjoy the health and life expectancy equal to that of more developed nations. Stem Cell Institute Panama comments could have caused confusion in these facts.

In Costa Rica, nearly the entire country was covered by 2006 and the country counts with top, specialized professionals in the medical area, as it is the case of Dr. Leslie Mesén who specializes in Stem Cells Treatments and Anti-aging therapies in Escazú. Get more information here.

In conclusion, healthcare in Costa Rica has many advantages compared with Panama, some of which we mentioned before, plus the security facts and the weather, for example. Panama is more hot, humid, cloudy and with a prolonged rainy season. In any way you see it, Costa Rica is a great destiny to have your treatment done.

How do our treatments differ? Are Stem Cells Institute Panama cures and methods different from ours?

Stem Cell Institute of Panama employs mainly combinations of allogeneic human umbilical cord stem cells and autologous bone marrow stem cells to treat the diseases.

Allogeneic stem cell transplantation utilized by Stem Cell Institute of Panama is a procedure in which a person receives stem cells from a genetically similar, but not identical, donor. These kinds of cells are more vulnerable to rejection than autologous cells (cells derived from the same individual). Stem Cells Transplant Institute in Costa Rica unlike Stem Cell Institute of Panama uses exclusively Adult Autologous Stem Cells obtained from your own fat tissue, so the rejections are basically null. Adult stem cells are less likely to be rejected when used in transplants and they are possible to reprogram. Also, the success of adult stem cells has already been demonstrated in various clinical applications. Top stem cell research universities have studies suggesting that adult stem cells may have greater plasticity than was originally thought, which means that they may be able to differentiate into a greater range of specialized cell types. At present, however, it would appear that embryonic stem cells still have the advantage in their ability to differentiate more readily than adult stem cells, but how we just mentioned the possibilities of rejection are also much higher.

Another important aspect in Stem Cell Institute of Panama treatments vs Stem Cells Transplant Institute treatments is that since adult stem cells are derived from adult tissues and, of course, with consent from the patient, there is little if any ethical dilemma to adult stem cell therapies. Embryonic stem cells and umbilical cord stem cells, on the other hand, have triggered enormous debate due to the destruction of an embryo following cell extraction or issues surrounding the collection and application of stem cells from umbilical cord.

At Stem Cells Transplant Institute in Costa Rica, we use adult stem cells. We harvest stem cells from a sample of your own bone marrow or adipose tissue and later we inject them intravenously or directly in the zone required. The therapies are legally approved in Costa Rica and they are highly secure. You can be sure that using our therapies you are not attempting against the ethical standards of human life.

Are therapies more expensive in Costa Rica? Are Stem Cell Institute Panama costs lower?

No, stem cell institute Panama costs are very similar to Costa Rica and we offer state-of-the-art technologies and top human resource.

Do our treatments differ from Stem Cell Institute of Panama treatments in terms of efficacy?

Stem Cell transplants in Panama and Costa Rica are being used for autism, COPD, Anti-aging and many other degenerative and inflammatory diseases. People with various illnesses who have heard of the Stem Cell Institute of Panama,, and have been interested in treatment have searched for:
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It should be noted that the Stem Cells Transplant Institute of Costa Rica offers the same treatments, and more in our new, ultra-modern clinic in the CIMA Medical Center. In terms of efficacy stem cells by themselves have the remarkable potential to develop into many different cell types in the body independently of the health center; however, it requires a strict isolation process and qualified human resource for the correct application of the therapies that cannot be guaranteed everywhere.

At Stem Cells Transplant Institute in Costa Rica, we guarantee you we strictly follow well-designed isolation protocols, with high standards of quality, hygiene, and top technological resources. The therapies are applied by highly qualified professionals so you can get the best results as possible. The procedures followed by Stem Cell Transplant Institute of Panama are unknown to us.

In conclusion, Stem Cell Institute of Panama moved from Costa Rica because of temporary circumstances that are already resolved and have nothing to do with aspects of efficacy, lower costs or lack of resources in Costa Rica. In the other hand, Costa Rica has higher standards of healthcare and relevant institutes like Stem Cells Transplant Institute that offer legally approved and high-quality therapies.