The Stem Cells Transplant Institute in Costa Rica is committed to providing the highest quality of care to every patient.  Using your own stem cells, our goal is to make you feel and look younger.  As you age your cells become damaged and eventually die. By repairing damaged tissue and regenerating healthy tissue, stem cells can help slow the process of aging, and improve your quality of life.

Stem cell transplantation promotes self-healing and can slow the signs and symptoms of aging. Anti-aging therapy can provide:

  • Increased energy level and physical activity
  • Improved memory and focus
  • Reduced appearance of wrinkles and age spots
  • Increased sex drive
  • Improved lab values
    • Decreased blood sugar levels
    • Improved lipid profile
    • Decreased creatinine
    • Decreased C reactive protein (marker of inflammation)

What is aging?

Your body is made up of millions and millions of cells. As you age, those cells lose the ability to regenerate and repair themselves which, causes your body to change. Your skin becomes thinner and loses its elasticity causing wrinkles. Your bones weaken as they become thinner.  You lose the ability to maintain and grow muscle. As the cells in your brain die, you begin to lose focus and your memory gets worse. Your immune is not as strong and you are more susceptible to disease and organ damage. Scientists do not know the exact cause of aging but they do know, the more we expose ourselves to harmful molecules, the more damage we accumulate, and the quicker we age.

Some of the most harmful molecules are:

  • Glucose
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Environmental pollution
  • Pesticides
  • Ozone

As your immune system weakens it releases signals that increase inflammation. Physicians can measure inflammation to help predict disease and disability. Controlling inflammation can slow or prevent the progression of diseases and disabilities.

Can stem cell therapy improve the signs and symptoms of aging?

You cannot live forever but stem cell therapy can help slow and even repair the signs of aging. Mesenchymal stem cells modulate the immune system, reduce inflammation and repair damaged tissue.   The anti-aging experts at the Stem Cells Transplant Institute, takes your stem cells from adipose tissue, activates those stem cell and then gives them back to you. Stem cells from adipose tissue were found to be more stable than other cells and better at cell adhesion, migration and would healing. Activated mesenchymal stem cells repair the damage to, and improve the function of organs, such as the; skin, brain, heart, liver, joints and kidney.

What type of stem cells are used?

The Stem Cells Transplant Institute uses autologous mesenchymal stem cells for the treatment of aging.  Autologous means the stem cells are collected from the recipient so the risk of rejection is virtually eliminated. Mesenchymal stem cells are one type of stem cells that are found in a variety of tissues including; adipose tissue, lung, bone marrow, and blood.  Mesenchymal stem cells are a promising treatment for anti-aging. Treatment at the Stem Cells Transplant Institute may improve the signs and symptoms of aging.

How are the stem cells collected?

A team of stem cell experts developed an FDA approved method and protocol for harvesting and isolating adipose derived stem cells for autologous reimplantation. The collection and use of adult stem cells does not require the destruction of embryos and for this reason, more U.S. federal funding is being spent on stem cell research.

How are the stem cells administered?

The stem cells are administered intravenously and under the skin of your face and hands.

About the Stem Cells Transplant Institute

Costa Rica has one of the best healthcare systems in world and is ranked among the highest for medical tourism. Using the most advanced technologies, the team of experts at The Stem Cells Transplant Institute believes in the potential of stem cell therapy for anti-aging. We are committed to providing personalized service and the highest quality of care to every patient.

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