Anthony Paullete
Evening Dr. Mesen,
My apologies for the lack of correspondence, however we have provided my brother both with ‘time' and ‘support’ post our visit to your clinic in Costa Rica. Although I was disappointed not to be able to have the second treatment, I think we made the right decision. There has been slow and steady improvements in his condition post our trip. First and foremost, he had a renewed drive to get participate in his rehabilitation plan. There has also been some better return on his investment as I will outline in the following.
  1. His blood pressure returned to normal upon his return home. The doctors here also tweaked his meds to bring it down closer to real normal 120/80 as opposed to his normal of 135/90-100. Again this has been stable over the past three months.
  2. Incontinence and his obsession with urination has all but disappeared. This, of course, has given him a sense of confidence to go out and trust that he will not have to pee every hour.
  3. He is walking (assisted) to all meals. He was 100% wheel chair bound previously.
  4. His right arm/hand has seen steady improvement. He is better able to control movement and the function of the arm/hand to grip and grab has improved.
  5. Cognitively his more aware, engaged, communicative, etc. This is outstanding.
Wow – what a difference over time. Again the improvements have been very slow and gradual but certainly much improvement over the last three months. All that said, we would like your opinion on a second treatment in the fall. What strategy (if any) might you recommend and would you expect any further improvements now that you have a better idea of who you are dealing with as I am sure your associates have consulted and updated you on Bob’s condition when they saw hi in February.
Looking forward to corresponding further and hearing your thoughts.
Thanks again and hope to meet you one day.
Regards, Kelly

June, 2018

Kelly L. Lockwood, PhD.
The testimony of Jose our patient! He shares with us all the improvements he obtained thanks to the stem cell transplant.


February, 2018

Jose Correa
I survived that accident with all my organs intact . I was hospitalized for 19 days at CIMA hospital.I got burnt on my hands and legs, left and right side. The most dangerous was my left side,There was a hole in my instep, where the power exited it was 3 inches wide and 5 inches kind of oblong shape, The bones going to my toes were exposed as well as tendons the depth ouch. Lest say to the bones.I commenced treatment with the hospital , doing Vac and then Honey patch. Finally discharged and resumed treatment with Beachside clinic under Doctor,s guidance. This treatment was done twice weekly and this lasted till December, the healing process was very good , but in a slow progression.On December 4 2017 I met Dr Leslie and he gave me a quick review on what he can do to make this wound close up in 6 weeksI was very impressed with his presentation, I went on his web site and looked up his work also googled.I finally discussed this with a RN from USA who is knowledgeable on STEM CELLS . I was now convinced that Dr Leslies stems cells is the best thing to do, I made an appointment and got the stem cells done on the 14 of Dec 2017 in his clinic in San JoseAt the time of the procedure the wound was huge, but after the stem transplant on my first visit after the stem cells, I have seen very positive signs of rapid healing of my wound, I did two PRP injection Jan 4 and Jan 13 , both PRP did have very positive resultsThe wound is now One inch in diameterMo

December, 2017

I have been thinking the best way to convey my message about my journey to you. The simplest way is by giving you hard numbers: I was diagnosed with a degenerative liver condition called Primary Stenosing Cholangitis (PSC) some time ago. If you Google it, you would find it is a nasty thing. Doctors told me my liver didn't have much time left. I even spent two weeks in the hospital fighting for my life because of liver complications.  The initial lab test results said that

Total Bilirubin7.3 mg/dL
Indirect Bilirubin4.0 mg/dL
Direct Bilirubin3.3 mg/dL
Alanine Aminotransferase566 lU/L
Aspartate Aminotransferase317 UIL
Alkaline Phosphatase223 U/L
 These are not pretty numbers: my liver was toasted and the clock was ticking faster than ever. After my first stem cell treatment with Dr. Mesen, the following three numbers went down to ideal levels:

Alanine Aminotransferase31 IU/L
Aspartate Aminotransferase30 IU/L
Alkaline Phosphatase35 U/L
 After my second stem cell treatment the rest the rest did the same:

Total Bilirubin1.41 mg/dL
Indirect Bilirubin1.21 mg/dL
Direct Bilirubin0.2 mg/dL
 These improved results made my gastroenterologist to declared me asymptomatic and literally told not to come back to check any progress of the PSC condition. To my greater surprise, after the second stem cell treatment, my LDL Cholesterol finally went down to healthy levels, after many year trying unsuccessfully to lower it. Look, I don't know you so I feel weird telling you what to do or even recommending anything. But let me tell you this: if you were my brother, I would drag you to Dr. Mesen's clinic and I would pay out my pocket the treatment for you. I can't deny the strong causality I can see between Dr. Mesen treatments and my improved health and quality of life. I hope this help you to make the right decision for your health. Please don't hesitate to call me if you want to know more about my experience and conclusions. Kind regards, 

December, 2017

David Alfaro
Dr. Mesen:
Thanks so much for your patience and concern in working with me to improve my shoulder functioning and strength through your stem cell transplant procedure. I could not have made the advances I have without your program.  You, your staff, and medical team have been informative, helpful, and very professional, please express my appreciation and gratitude to all.  Looking forward to continuing to work with you in the future.
Kind regards,

November, 2017

Douglas Behrman
Dear Dr. Leslie Mesen,I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your Team for the amazing treatment and results.From the time we arrived to the time we left we were treated with care and compassion. Each step was explained and any questions we had were answered fully!You & your staff were very caring and your passion for your work & patient care showed!After 1 month my pain levels have steadily decreased and my mobility has increased greatly!  It is great to be able to do so many more things and not be in extreme pain 24 hours a day!I look forward to be able to do all the activities that I would love to do & not being in pain any more!!!My Wife Lori & I thank you and your team so much!
david b 01   david b 02

October, 2017

David Brooker
Last year I suffered a gunshot wound from a hollow point 9mm bullet that shattered my left femur. Surgery was performed introducing a pin that runs the length of my thigh inside what was left of the bone in my leg. The damage was quite extensive as you can imagine. The bone was completely shattered and detached mid thigh. I have attached an x-ray of what my leg looked like immediately after the first emergency surgery. After six or seven months the Orthopedist was not satisfied with the amount of healing that had taken place and he wanted to perform a bone graft surgery, taking bone from my hip and from a cadaver and placing it where the bone was not connecting. This surgery is quite invasive and probably would have taken a year to recover from fully if it even worked at all. I really wanted to avoid this. I am not a big fan of surgery. Dr. Messen is my doctor but also a very close friend and he knew that I wanted to avoid this surgery at all cost if possible. We began to talk about the stem cell procedure that I eventually decided to have him perform on the leg to see if it could induce enough closure of the large gaps that were still present between the pieces of my femur. One whole side of the femur had been completely blown away and for about four inches in length there was absolutely no bone at all as well as smaller gaps between the pieces all round the site of the bullet impact. My Orthopedist was not very optimistic and told me that I was wasting my time. I told him that I would try anything to avoid the second surgery and that I wanted to try this. The procedure was done and the Orthopedist ordered a TAC Scan of the leg just six weeks after the procedure to see if there was indeed any bone growth. When he saw the scan he could not believe his eyes. More bone had grown in the six weeks after the procedure than had grown in nearly eight months after the incident! He immediately said lets do it one more time, this time using a much higher volume of cells and give it one last chance to produce enough bone so as to stabilize my leg and let me get on with my life. We did the third procedure 10 weeks ago. Yesterday another TAC Scan was done on the leg and I am happy to tell you that the skeptical orthopedist told me that he now sees no further need for any more surgery. The bone has 75% closure which along with the pin will adequately support my leg and let me get on with my life! He was really amazed at the amount of bone that had grown and filled in in such a short period of time. He has even begun recommending this procedure to his other patients that are candidates fir such a procedure! I can walk, stand on one leg again and now all that is needed is to begin to strengthen the leg again. The procedure itself was quick, and relatively painless. I can’t thank Leslie, (Dr Messen) enough for giving me this alternative and I could not be more pleased with the results. They far exceeded my expectations and certainly those of the Orthopedist. I am confident that the bone will continue to strengthen over time and that I am on the road to a full recovery. I would highly recommend the procedure to anyone that is faced with such an invasive surgery as I was being faced with.

July, 2017

Anthony Cicalese
Today, I feel very satisfied and motivated because for a long time I had to deal with severe pain in my neck. After been diagnosed with cervical stenosis I increased 40 pound and lost the ability to exercise as I had done all my life.5 months after receiving Stem Cells treatment at Stem Cell Transplant Institute, I managed to regain my life. The pain is gone and I was finally able to go back to the active life I had lost.I am infinitely grateful for the attention received from the doctors and the whole team of Stem Cell Transplant Institute and for their ability and willingness to help achieve my transformation. My results after treatment are more than amazing. Even more important - I feel good about myself.

July, 2017

Alain Lessard
Hi Dr. Leslie....I wanted to contact you regarding my recent procedure. As of now 6 days in, I must say, that I feel like a new man. I do hope this continues. I have been talking with all my older surfer friends and they are all watching my progress like a guinny pig.At this point, since I believe the various joint parts are in the process of rebuilding, I am reluctant to start working out hard yet. Although the way I feel, I am very eager to do so.

July, 2017

Michael R.
For over a decade living with a horrible pain on both knees, and using a walking stick to even come to my boat, I tried Dr. Mesen’s stem cells treatment as a last resource. For my surprise, pain has almost gone, my knees are healing very fast, and today, I can walk on my own, enjoy my boat and really feel alive, I think my smile worth a thousand words. Thanks Dr. Mesen, thanks Stem Cells Transplant Institute!Dominic-Buttita

June, 2017

Dominic Buttita, Chicago