Medical Tourism - What are the Best Things to do in the Bahamas?

The Bahamas is a stunning island location that nearly everyone dreams about visiting one day.  Why not turn your stem cell treatment, whenever possible, into a medical vacation?  The white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters make for a unique experience you can’t get anywhere else. Whether you’re planning your trip to the Bahamas or you’re already there and just itching to get out and explore, you’re probably wondering, “what are the best things to do in the Bahamas?”

Visit the Bahama Beaches

Okay, this is a little bit obvious, but it had to be said! The beaches in the Bahamas are unlike any other beaches in the world. The crystal-clear water is ideal for anyone who loves the ocean but also loves to know what’s happening below them. You can almost always see straight through to the bottom!

The white sand (or pink sand depending the beach!) is soft and almost feels like a body scrub under your feet. It’s perfect for building sandcastles with a little bit of that ocean water or just laying down on while you get a tan! Make sure you grab an umbrella, or at least a hat, and lots of sunscreen though because the sun at the Bahama beaches can be harsh!

Pending the beach, you go to, there’s plenty of water sports or activities you could get involved in as well that we’ll discuss throughout the rest of the article!  

Go Snorkeling!

Snorkeling is a MUST-DO activity. Whether you like the ocean or not, you have to make this activity a priority. Snorkeling allows visits to get closer to sea life (the small kind…promise!). It can give you an appreciation and love for the ocean that you didn’t have prior. Snorkeling allows you to float along the surface of the water that runs beside the coastline. You’ll never be so far out that you can’t see land. In fact, the purpose of snorkeling is to take a look at what’s happening along the shore so you can learn what to be aware of, watch out for, and what to experience!

You’ll likely see things like coral reefs, sea anemone, the fish that live within these habitats (maybe you’ll see Nemo!) and small creatures of that nature. At most, you may see a sea turtle or a small octopus/squid depending on the part of the Bahamas you’re in, but they don’t come up to the surface often. They’ll just glide along below you, maybe give you a wink here and there!

Take a boat tour

If you just can’t bring yourself to get into the water, that’s alright! What about a boat tour? There’s nothing like seeing the island from out at sea. Like snorkeling, you’re never so far from land that you can’t still see the land! Boat tours are all over the island and they are designed to last a few hours. Depending on the tour you choose, your tour may last 1 hour, it may also last 5. The longer the tour, the more you get for your money. Longer tours often come with food and drink, sometimes even history lessons along the way.

There are boat tours for adults, kids, and families, making this a great option for nearly anyone! There are also themed cruises such as singles cruises, women’s cruises, kid-friendly cruises, even pet-friendly options! Relax and unwind with an evening cruise at sunset along the coast and maybe even catch a glimpse of a dolphin or two!

Pig Beach

Whether you have kids or you’re traveling solo, you’ve got to take a trip to Pig Beach. In case you haven’t heard, this isn’t just a silly, fun name that the locals came up with. It’s actually called Pig Beach because well…it’s home to wild pigs! Yes, there are pigs that just roam the island, take dips in the water, munch on the greenery, and take naps in the sun.

To be clear, these aren’t boars. They’re not husked. They’re just pigs…hanging out, enjoying the Bahamas and they are known to be super friendly to locals and visitors. What’s especially interesting about Pig Beach is that the pigs on the island are not native to the Bahamas and nobody knows how they got there. It’s a history lesson that nobody has uncovered yet.

This beach is well-protected to ensure the safety of the piggies, but it does allow for a small number of visitors each day to make some new friends!

Queens Staircase

For a workout and a history lesson, check out Queen’s Staircase when you have an early morning free. You’ll want to do this before the sun gets high as it can be a trek to the top of the 66 stairs! You’re probably wondering why in the world you’d go to the Bahamas to climb some stairs…you can do that at your local mall, but this is different.

Queen’s Staircase was named after Queen Victoria in the 1700’s. It was carved out of limestone by roughly 600 slaves and took 16 years to complete. The purpose in building the staircase was to connect Bennett Hills Fort Fincastle to Nassau (the capital) for the British. For a history lesson and tour of the beautiful area, Queen’s Staircase is by far one of the best things to do in the Bahamas

Lucayan National Park

There are 3 national parks within the Bahamas, but Lucayan National Park seems to be the fan favorite. The national park is home to numerous activities and stunning outdoor areas that you truly have to see to believe exists. Visitors enjoy checking out the beaches at the park as they are often free of crowds. The beaches also contain softer waves and provide a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere compared to the beaches frequented on the mainland.

You can also kayak through the mangroves for a unique way to immerse yourself in the scenery. There are several companies where you could rent the equipment. If that’s a little too close to the water for you, take a small boat tour through the mangroves instead. They often come with history lessons and keep you out of the direct heat of the sun.

Now that you know…

All about the best things to do in the Bahamas, you must be dying to get on that plane and hit those white (or even pink!) sandy beaches for yourself. During your stay, don’t forget to check out some of the unique attractions like Queen’s Staircase and Pig Beach. Maybe even face a fear and snorkel or scuba dive with the wildlife in the calm, crystal clear, waters! Whatever you do, you’re guaranteed to have the most unique, relaxing, and eye-opening “medical tourism vacation” of your life at the Bahamas!