Kelly L. Lockwood, PhD.

Blood Pressure • June, 2018

Evening Dr. Mesen, My apologies for the lack of correspondence, however we have provided my brother both with ‘time’ and ‘support’ post our visit to your clinic in Costa Rica. Although I was disappointed not to be able to have the second treatment, I think we made the right decision. There has been slow and steady improvements in his condition post our trip. First and foremost, he had a renewed drive to get participate in his rehabilitation plan. There has also been some better return on his investment as I will outline in the following.

  1. His blood pressure returned to normal upon his return home. The doctors here also tweaked his meds to bring it down closer to real normal 120/80 as opposed to his normal of 135/90-100. Again this has been stable over the past three months.
  2. Incontinence and his obsession with urination has all but disappeared. This, of course, has given him a sense of confidence to go out and trust that he will not have to pee every hour.
  3. He is walking (assisted) to all meals. He was 100% wheel chair bound previously.
  4. His right arm/hand has seen steady improvement. He is better able to control movement and the function of the arm/hand to grip and grab has improved.
  5. Cognitively his more aware, engaged, communicative, etc. This is outstanding.

Wow – what a difference over time. Again the improvements have been very slow and gradual but certainly much improvement over the last three months. All that said, we would like your opinion on a second treatment in the fall. What strategy (if any) might you recommend and would you expect any further improvements now that you have a better idea of who you are dealing with as I am sure your associates have consulted and updated you on Bob’s condition when they saw hi in February.Looking forward to corresponding further and hearing your thoughts.Thanks again and hope to meet you one day.

Regards, Kelly

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