Dr Ana Carvajal

Dr. Ana Carvajal

Medical associate

Wildwood Lifestyle Center health coach program. (Nutrition/ hydrotherapy/ massage/ use of herbal medicines and supplements/ temperance)

Medical Doctor with a degree in medicine and surgery. Graduated from Universidad Federada San Judas Tadeo in Costa Rica.

ADRA International/ Costa Rica
Provided relief and medical attention to communities and children that are facing natural disasters.

Health speaker
Stress management, Frontal lobe, Microbiota and Brain, Acid-Base Balance, Understanding and treating Diabetes.

Lifestyle medicine counselor
* Nutrition assessment and its effects including inflammation: food patterns / macronutrients, food types / micronutrients, food preparation
* Guide patients through practical strategies to achieve dietary changes to get the most out of the stem cells therapy
* Explain the relationship between stem cells and the role of nutrition in preventing and treating chronic diseases.
* Summarize the major nutrition studies and evidence-base for nutrition prescriptions
* Summarize key dietary research on the impact of diet on diabetes
* List the major physiologic impacts of plant based diet in the process of disease reversal
* Explain the impact of exercise on weight and promote physical activity
* Identify current situation and plan a behavior change according to patient needs
* Compare the treatment of disease with exercise and also compared with medication
* Provide recommendations and activities for patients with obesity, heart disease, diabetes.