Medical Tourism in Costa Rica: Why should I go to Costa Rica?

One of the most significant developments in medical science is the discovery of Stem Cells. Stem Cells therapies have been studied for years for their impressive curative potential, today there are many leaders in regenerative medicine doing research to improve and legalize these therapies all over the world. The United States is still in clinical trial phase, so the use of stem cells is not legal and the clinics that are doing these procedures with no legal permission are offering them at a very high cost. So, why the medical tourism exists and why Costa Rica?

The medical tourism in the stem cells industry developed due to the large demand and the rapidly raising health care costs. Another reason for travel for medical treatment is that some treatments may not be legal in the home country; this is the case of stem cells treatments in the United States. Originally, people would travel from third world countries to highly developed countries for medical treatment that was unavailable in their own communities; the recent trend is for people to travel from developed countries to low developed countries for medical treatments because of cost consideration and the high quality resources available.

The global revolution of the World Wide Web played an important role in facilitating medical tourists the evaluation of the quality, service and cost from their home country. Also the globalization of the information has opened the possibility for less developed countries to have very competitive medical resources and to offer up to date technologies and medical education. Globalization has definitely opened a new world of medical treatment options. Medicine has crossed the borders.

Let´s learn a little bit more about Costa Rica: Costa Rica is a country located in Central America between Nicaragua and Panama. Costa Rica has developed an extensive and high quality education and health system. Its literacy rate of 96.3% one of the highest in the region and the access of the population to the health care system is one of the highest in the world. Costa Rica has a long tradition of political stability, comparatively high standard of living and generous public services. The World Health Organization has ranked Costa Rica as one of the top three healthcare systems in Latin America, and the nation consistently ranks higher in healthcare than many of its industrialized counterparts including Canada and the United States.

In the last thirty years, the medical tourism industry in Costa Rica has grown importantly. Today the medical tourism industry employs around ten thousand million people and has a considerable contribution to the country exports.
Costa Rica offers a number of unique advantages as a medical destiny that you may know and that have caught the attention of the many North American tourists that access the services every year. It is important to mention that about 95% of the medical tourists are from North America. So, why are people from North America coming to Costa Rica? : Medical services currently offered in Costa Rica cost about 40% of what they would cost in the US. Stem cells treatments are legally approved in Costa Rica. The waiting times are much less in Costa Rica and it has high quality professionals and top technologies. Costa Rica provides a secure environment to recover and has precious touristic areas that will make of your medical visit a great time.

Costa Rica’s medical tourism industry is concentrated in San Jose. Stem Cells Transplant Institute is located in Escazú, a very nice and secure neighborhood in San José. Stem Cells Transplant Institute specializes in all areas of regenerative medicine, using the most advanced stem cell extraction methods and concentration techniques to deliver the best stem cell therapy. The institute is under the direction of Dr Leslie Mesén an expert in stem cell therapy and stem cell extraction techniques. The institute offers the most innovative stem cell therapy procedures to heal the body, naturally rejuvenate tissue, and prevent disease.

In conclusion, Medical tourism has developed into an international industry; it not only provides patients with access to high quality care at an affordable cost but also helps them to get around government regulations. Costa Rica is one of the best touristic destinies and the therapies are legally approved in this country. Many North Americans are already taking advantage of the Medical Tourism Industry. Stem Cells Transplant Institute in San José Costa Rica is your best option to get Stem Cells Treatments.